Best contour gauge

If you love measuring or fixing around the house, you must have once hesitated among many types of best contour gauges. Let’s take a look here to finally find it.

As a handy DIY man, there is no better sense of gladness than having a smart profile gauge in your bag. To get a flawless duplication, you need the best contour gauge for any home project. After all, basic types of gauge cannot satisfy you due to the less accurate rates they give.

There are countless profile gauges readily available on the market. In this article, we will show you some important recommendations to purchase a top-rated one.

 Buying Guide For The Best Contour Gauge

There are several factors to evaluate an ultimate profile gauge:


We can carry it outside on the go, so it must work well with various applications for measuring and repairing. That is the reason why the priority criteria to choose an ideal contour gauge is its versatility.


This factor is equally important. Let’s imagine how unpleasant it would be if we used a low – quality gauge in distinct spaces and even under bad weather. ABS plastic will be the ideal material for those situations.

Ease To Use

Nobody desires to buy a profile gauge that is too difficult to operate with, especially in woodworking or DIY projects. Unless we choose one easy to adjust and tighten, we may waste a lot of time on a single simple task.


The standard length for most profile gauges must be 10 inches since this measurement fits short or long objects with complicated shapes.


This essential factor should be put into account if you want to loosen or tighten when copying objects’ profiles. In other words, working with irregular objects requires you to adjust the gauges for receiving the perfect duplications.

Best Contour Gauge For Home Projects

Here is a detailed review of the 3 best options that are available on the current market. Please have a look to see the differences between them.

1.      Empire Level E105.48 – Best Overall


A glance at this gauge, you might see it’s similar to any particular ruler, but this Empire Level E105.48 profile gauge is much more than such a basic measuring tool, making it the best all-rounded product out there.

Empire has integrated a small LED screen into this product to show you accurate numbers when you turn its power on.

This feature may make you wonder, “Is this electronic item durable by the time of severe humid weather?” The answer is “Yes” because it has a special function that is waterproof (IP67).

In addition, the Empire Level E105.48 can save a lot of measuring time since users do not need to retry many times for the most accurate number, which has already been shown on the screen within a second.

However, what comes with the mentioned utmost convenience is the hefty price tag, so consider your budget before purchasing it.


  • LED screen for more working conditions
  • Highly durable (waterproof IP67)
  • Highly accurate
  • Saving time


  • Expensive

2.     General Tool 833 Plastic – Best For Limited Budget


General has designed this tool with a smart structure with a curvilinear shape and a straight ruler in the middle that helps us duplicate any profile exactly. This feature is suitable for those who work as carpenters or builders, who often require absolute accuracy.

Like any others, General has made this product from high-quality plastic, which means it is difficult to damage while remaining budget-friendly.

Unfortunately, this affordable gauge has a flawed design. There is a gap unaccounted for; thus, the teeth are too little to be able to meet the edge, even when the gauge is maxed to the wall.


  • Highly durable thanks to high-quality plastic
  • Ease to use with smart design
  • Affordable price


  • Minor gap facing the wall

3.      Saker Connection Profile Gauge – Adjustable Lock – Best For Design


Although this type of profile gauge reaches customers with an unaffordable price compared to other mechanical gauges, its convenience and comfort outweigh those from any other gauges in the same segment.

ABS plastic – the best money can buy currently is the main material to produce this measuring tool. This quality material is coupled with indisputable durability, including anti-corrosion, anti-rust. But things that make the Saker Connection Profile Gauge become a specific version are:

–        Locking feature: Once an object has been contoured, all you need to do is lock the teeth for perfect profiles.

–        It is an ideal gauge for measuring circular pipes and countless objects.

–        Connection feature: The miraculous function of this Saker’s product is that we can slot it in series, which makes it a must-have tool for any DIY handyman and woodworking.

Although bear in mind that unless you lock it carefully, it will move, and the accurate numbers may shift.


  • Highly durable thanks to premium ABS plastic
  • Locking feature to measure complex shaped objects easily
  • Connection design for more flexible tasks


  • Not stable when not locked properly


We have collected some useful questions while researching this subject.

Are contour gauges reusable?

They are usually not reusable if damaged. But don’t worry!

This issue is not a big deal because many contour gauges are made of good materials, which means they have better chances to stand the test of time.

Which is the better, metal or plastic contour gauge?

Metal is one of the most durable materials, but most brands have produced contour gauges from plastic because this element cannot be destroyed easily.

First, metal can curve if we don’t store it properly. Second, we can lose metal pins from the housing, whereas high-quality plastic contour gauges have a specific core to hold their pins.

Does a contour gauge need a lock?

An adjustable lock is convenient for measuring and copying shapes, but if there is no integrated lock, you can still trace well by trying again in cases of bumping.

What is the main use of contour gauges?

A contour gauge is a tool to measure and copy the cross-sectional shape of any surface. Two main majors using this useful tool widely are wood and metal-related working.


We cannot deny that all of these best contour gauges have their unique strengths.

However, the Empire Level E105.48 Contour Gauge may overshadow others since it meets the need for durability, ease of use, and versatility. Therefore, do not be afraid to spend money buying a top-rated product for our convenient life, which may give you amazing experiences

Updated: September 12, 2021 — 11:47 pm