Best polygel nail kit

Are you wondering about the best Polygel nail kit for a flashy look? With this guide, we will introduce you to 10 products that will meet your demand.

When beauty demand is drastically rising nowadays, nail makeup is also on trend. Classy, beautiful nails make your hands more decent and elegant, speaking volumes about your personality. So, getting the best Polygel nail kit should be considered when you want to achieve an all-around perfection.

Buying Guide For The Most Sought-after Polygel Nail Kit

Before deciding to buy this product, here are some aspects you need to take into consideration to choose a suitable kit for your nail:

Tools In A Single Kit

It is recommended that a Polygel nail kit includes those entities like a gel tube, a brush picker tool, a spatula, diverse nail forms, and a nail file. This collection of components is what you can apply to make your nails look more beautiful.

For example, to prolong nail extension’s longevity, you will want to file the nail roughly enough for the gel to stick firmly.

Easy To Use And Safe

Those people who want to create new and innovative things might prefer making their own nail art than seeking help from professional manicurists. Or for busy people, they hardly have time for salon appointments, this aspect may rank high when they plan to buy this product.

Therefore, each kit should be easy to use so that everyone can experience it at home just as their initial purpose. It should have detailed manual instruction for customers to apply when first using this product at home for safety.

Strength And Longevity

This aspect plays a vital role when choosing a Polygel nail kit. It must be capable of withstanding the hustle of your daily activities. Importantly, the stronger the nails are, the longer it lasts. Therefore, besides protecting your nail after applying and curing is vital, the initial quality must be prime as well.

The Best Polygel Nail Kit In 2021

Attractive nails can beautify your hands. They are affordable, natural-looking, and of course, harmless to your nails.

1. LOYFUN Nude Polygel Nail Kit – Best For Beginner

If you are new to poly nail art, this product will assist you in having an easy and brilliant manicure extension. If you adhere to the nail prep guided, the complete result will be impressive.

Everything lies in the magical kit. It has the tools and detailed instructions to guide you as a starter, making sure that you have no difficulties applying gel or curing topcoat. Therefore, be confident to create all-shape-and-size, gorgeous, salon-like nails even when you are new to nail art.

And if drying gel wastes your time, the product also provides LED light for quick execution with calculated time, so don’t worry about it.

There are 2 complaints: the small LED UV lamp and the nails’ short-term longevity (just in rare cases). Because the lamp is quite small, you may have to put one single finger at a time to make sure each nail is perfect.


  • Easy to use, especially for beginners
  • High quality kit with detailed instruction
  • Long-lasting
  • LED light for quicker operation


  • Small UV lamp
  • Occasionally quick-to-peel nails

2. Ohuhu Extension Poly Gel Nail Kit – Best All-inclusive Kit

If you are fussy about changing color to fit every outfit, this Ohuhu product will satisfy you. The nail set has diverse, stunning 18 colors with up to 36 effects and many other items attached, such as nail file, brush pen, etc., for you to freely create the most desirable manicured style.

This product also has an LED lamp and UV lamp to dry and cure your nail faster. Everything is extremely convenient for you! Just enjoy the comfortable time at home, save money with the Ohuhu poly nail gel kit, let your creativity go wild, then you can create preferable nails suiting your particular taste.

However, you will want to practice before using this product as it is not as easy as promoted. So remember to read the instructions carefully and find out more tips on YouTube to make the best of this nail kit.


  • Diverse range of colors (18 shades, 36 styles)
  • Useful add-ons (LED and UV lights, nail file, brush pen, etc.)
  • Long-lasting and durable nails
  • Dries quickly and saves you time


  • Not that easy to use, but it comes with experience

3. Wakaniya Poly Nail Gel Kit 10 Colors – Best Natural Gel Nail

The gel is made of natural and prime ingredients (resin) to ensure the high  quality of the product. Also, thanks to its natural ingredients, the gel creates more natural and shinier colors with an ombre effect for all-nature nail lovers.

The natural gel is soft, so it is easy to apply or trim and still strong enough to be painted on. It is also odorless and organic and poses no threat to your real nails when applying the gel on.

However, it involves many processes to prolong the longevity of your nail extension. For beginners, reading the instructions and watching YouTube video tutorials before doing your nails are crucial.


  • Nature-friendly
  • Harmless to your nails
  • For both home and salon manicure


  • Do not last long without nail prep


Here are some of the most interesting questions that we have come across while researching this subject.

Is UV Or LED Better For Polygel?

Of course, you may use a UV lamp for curing your nails; however, if you are only contending with gel, you may prefer an LED lamp as it is quicker. Therefore, we recommend that you use a proper power LED light as Polygel is made to be cured all the way through at a defined wavelength.

Does Polygel Harm Your Nails?

As examined, it will not damage your nails. The technicians will file the Polygel to remove the gel stuck on each of your nails. They will soak your nail into acetones to keep your natural nails safe and ready for the next manicure.

Why Does Polygel Break Off?

If bent too often, the Polygel will pop off. When manicuring, the effort to file the new tips into the prefered shape might bend the new seals too intensely, causing your Polygel to be removed and broken off earlier than expected.

Are Polygel Nails Hard?

Polygel nails’ stiffness is basically between a normal gel and acrylic manicure. They’re more flexible than acrylic, stiffer than hard gel. But without a doubt, hard nails will come with long-term usage.


As a nature lover, we prefer products made from non-artificial ingredients. That is why we choose wakaniya poly nail gel kit 10 colors as the best Polygel nail kit for its high quality, natural colors, and safety criterion. So if you are finding an environmentally-friendly nail product, put this product in your mind.

However, each product mentioned above will surely suit your type depending on your specific circumstances. Below are more suggestions if you wish to research further: