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Best tv wall mount review

With the help of a good-quality TV wall mount, you can easily secure your TV onto any place around the house. Check out our list to find the best TV wall mount.

Figuring out the best TV wall mount for your screen can drastically increase the enjoyability of your viewing experience, your family time, and your unwinding moment.

However, the overwhelming plethora of wall attachments with all the different features and prices can make it tricky to find the most fitting one for you. We, therefore, have compiled this insightful list of quality products to help buyers optimize their purchases.

In-depth TV Wall Mount Buying Guide

First, you will need to know what to look for in such a gadget to bring home the most suitable one.

#1. Design

Is your ideal TV holder one that can tilt and swivel or simply a fixed one? How big do you need it to be? These are the basic questions you ought to thoroughly contemplate and answer before looking up any product.

#2. Compatibility

The wall mount will also have to be compatible with your television and support its weight and size. Additionally, it is advisable to take the shape of your screen into consideration as well, especially the curved one.

Your wall is another important thing to look at. Specifically, the materials that make up your wall. The available space of your room also has to be reasonably accommodating to your full set of TV and wall attachments.

#3. Adjustability

Likewise, how easy it is to adjust your mount post-installation should play an essential role in the buyer’s decision-making process.

Because installing some specific wall holders can be quite a struggle, minor problems can occur. We, therefore, recommend that you opt for adjustable versions for your television.

Top 3 Best TV Wall Mount Review

We have selected the following products to be our top picks because of their many outstanding features, superior versatility, and overall good returning value.

#1. PERLESMITH TV Wall Mount PSXF3 – Best Flexibility

The perfect blend of flexibility and strength – this wall holder has proven to be an excellent choice for someone looking for wall mounts that are durable and strong, despite having a wide range of motion.


With slick designs incorporated into a well-built gadget, this PERLESMITH gadget secures a high position on our list. In fact, we consider it to be the overall best TV wall mount.

The seemingly unlimited range of motion enables a variety of movements (60 degrees angle on each side). It can slide and swivel into the perfect angle, tilt to reduce the glare of sunlight (up to 10 degrees), and extend or retract to save space.

Moreover, backed by PERLESMITH 10-year manufacturers, this mount can stay strong and durable for up to a decade.

Nevertheless, you should note that the intricate compartments that make this gadget so great also make it hard to dust or maintain. And, it comes at a somewhat non-budget-friendly price.


  • Flexible with 120 degrees viewing angles
  • Minimum glare (tilt up to 10 degrees)
  • Durable and strong (expectancy of 10-year life span)
  • Slick design


  • Hard to clean and maintain
  • Not budget-friendly

#2. ECHOGEAR TV Wall Mount EGFL2 – Best Sturdiness

Quality attachment with sturdy design and high capacity is the best way to describe this product. Encompass inside such a gadget are numerous convenient features that help enhance your viewing experience.


This impressive gadget can support the weight of a 125-pound television, roughly a 90-inch. ECHOGEAR’s heavy-gauge steel makes the gadget significantly sturdier in comparison to many other mounts with the same price tag.

Another great thing about this product is that you can install it quickly and easily, as there is a handy installation manual that can assist you in just a few simple steps. It can help you improve your DIY skill too.

In addition, ECHOGEAR has an incredible environmental policy where for every EGFL2 model sold, they will plant a tree. Definitely pick one up if you are interested in reducing our carbon footprints.

You will want to keep in mind, however, that this mount lacks cable management. There is little space for the cables, so they often get in the way of the gadget’s arms. Another inconvenience is that it is quite heavy.


  • Extremely sturdy with heavy-gauge steel compartments
  • Able to support big TV with screen as wide as 90 inches
  • Easy to install


  • Lacks cable management
  • Quite heavy

#3. AmazonBasics Heavy-Duty TV Mount – Best Budget Pick

If you are looking for an inexpensive full-motion mount, then you will want to consider this product. Not only is it much more affordable, but it also carries a myriad of convenient quirks.

A great option for staying on a budget but not losing out on great experiences in front of the screen.


Despite being a lot less expensive than many other full motions, this product still has the versatility and flexibility that this type of gadget often carries with compatible screens ranging from 37 to 80 inches.

The compact design with an extendable arm (up to 22 inches forward) can bring the TV out when needed or keep it close to the wall to space. The gadget also comes with very durable construction from heavy-duty aluminum and powder-coated steel.

However, this mount also has flaws. First, it won’t fit the 300mmx300mm VESA pattern on your TV, and secondly, it has a somewhat confusing instruction with no verbiage description of the many diagrams.


  • Most affordable
  • Relatively versatile (screen compatibility: 37-80 inches)
  • Compact and durable design with aluminium and steel as materials


  • Confusing instruction
  • Limited compatible VESA pattern


The following questions are often asked when one facing the buying decision regards TV wall mounts:

Q1: How to hide the many cords and wires?

A: If your TV wall attachments don’t already have cable management, try hiding them behind the wall using recessed cable plates. Place the plates where a TV can neatly conceal them.

Q2: Is mounting a TV safe?

A: Yes, it is. It is much safer than just using a stand. Since TV nowadays are all flatter and wider, an accidental push can easily make it topple off the stand, potentially causing injuries. Wall mounts, on the other hand, ensure the security of your TV.

Q3: How high should you mount your TV?

A: The actual height depends on the specific layout of your room, but in general, about 55 to 65 inches, or 1.4m to 1.65m, off the floor to the center of the screen.

Q4: Are full-motion wall mounts good?

A: Full-motion TV bracket is great for viewing from multiple seating areas in a room, and can help eliminate glare using the tilting mechanism. You can extend it forward to see better or you can push it back when you’re done watching to save space.


Depending on your particular situation and preferences, any of our top 3 picks can be the best TV wall mount. However, in general, we think that the PERLESMITH TV Wall Mount PSXF3 is the best because of its superior versatility and durability.

We hope you find this post helpful, and be sure to enjoy your newly mounted TV.