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Best yeti cup holder for car

Do you always bring along your Yeti bottle in the car, moving from place to place? If yes, the following article will bring you the reliable top 9 best Yeti cup holder for car to store and keep your Yeti bottles in balance.

The bottles usually have round cylindrical shapes. When carrying them in cars, you sometimes have problems, such as rolling, shaking, spilling out water, or, more dangerously, a bottle stuck under the brake pedal.

Finding a cup holder is necessary to keep you safe and keep the water bottle from being bumped.

Top 3 Yeti Cup Holder In-Depth Reviews

Three products stand out, including Joytutus Upgraded Cup Holder, Smart Flask Car Cup Adapter, and Swigzy Adjustable Car Cup Adapter.

Joytutus Upgraded Cup Holder – Best Overall

What is the purpose of your search for a cup holder for your Yeti? Durability, stability, well-fitting, or adjustability are what Joytutus can bring you.

With the upgraded base and the added pad to keep the leaking water, we believe this cup holder will give you a great user experience.

Moreover, those upgrades also help your cups and bottles stay safe even when you step on the brake all of a sudden or driving on a bumpy road.


  • Fits most car types
  • Compatible with Yeti Ramblers 12oz-36oz
  • Rubber pad for noise reduction
  • Great stability even sudden brake


  • Only black color available

Smart Flask Car Cup Adapter – Best For A Variety Of Yeti Cups

The Smart Flask brand is not as big as the others, but they create high-quality cup holders for cars. Smart Flask Car Cup Adapter outlook is somewhat the same as Joytutus Upgraded Cup Holder, but they are different.

A smart sleeve is added to this product to ensure that it can fit many sizes of Yeti and other mugs and bottles. If your Yeti is small, you can remove the adapter ring, and then it fits your Yeti.


  • Better fit
  • Accommodates Yeti up to 36 oz.
  • Compatible with mugs


  • Does not fit all car types
  • Thin plastic cover

Swigzy Adjustable Car Cup Adapter – Best For Multiple Lengths

As noted above, this Swigzy mug holder can hold your Yeti no matter how tall it is, as long as it fits the size. This feature is the strongest point of the product as Yeti bottles come in many lengths.

Installation for this product is straightforward with a few twists, and then you can adjust the Swigzy to fit most cars.


  • For almost any bottle lengths and sizes
  • Extendable base
  • Firmly fits in your car
  • Fits Yeti 18-36 oz
  • Easy to use


  • Not ideal for small cups and bottles

Buying Guide For The Best Yeti Car Cup Holder

You should check for the latest information about the product before buying as not all the products bought online are trustable.

Some online buying tips for you are reading through the customer reviews, ratings, and asking for advice on the product selling page.

Here are some extra features that you need to note and consider before choosing to buy a product:


Size is very important when deciding to buy a car cup holder. You should measure precisely to ensure the product will fit your car and also your Yeti cup.

If you can’t find the necessary information, you can chat directly with the shop for advice on it.

Ease Of Mounting And Detaching From Your Car

You won’t want your car to be scratched or damaged, so please look at how you can attach and remove the Yeti cup holder from your car. Some products may need a complex installation before use, and some don’t. So, please notice it to avoid any further inconvenience.


You’d better decide the price range corresponding with your budget before searching for the product. Most e-commerce platforms have tools to help you filter products by price so that you can zero in on products within your budget.

Top 9 Best Yeti Cup Holder For Car You Should Buy Now

Here are the top 9 cup holders for cars on the market that you should consider choosing.

#1. Joytutus Upgraded Cup Holder – Best Overall

Joytutus brand has upgraded its cup holders with more stable and larger base storage. This product is best overall fitting all types of cars and can adjust itself to many sizes of your Yeti bottles.

Check it out on Amazon: Joytutus Upgraded Cup Holder

#2. Smart Flask Car Cup Adapter – Best For A Variety Of Yeti Cups

This Smart Flask holder can hold almost any size bottle, including Yeti, and won’t let water drip or spill onto the car seat. It looks small and simple,  yet incredibly convenient.

Check it out on Amazon: Smart Flask Car Cup Adapter 

#3. Seven Sparta Car Cup Holder – Best For Large Yeti Cup With Handle

Seven Sparta products not only fit your Yeti cups but also conveniently fit other mugs with handles. The design looks neat and holds your bottle tightly without tipping or spilling out.

Check it out on Amazon: Seven Sparta Cup Holder

#4. Swigzy Adjustable Car Cup Adapter – Best For Multiple Lengths

Many cup holders can adjust sizes, but only a few can adjust the length to fit. Swigzy adjustable car cup adapter can match your Yeti bottles and mugs no matter how tall it is as if it fits the round size of the bottle.

Check it out on Amazon: Swigzy Adjustable Car Cup Adapter

#5. The LEDGE Large Cup Holder – Best For Large Yeti Cups

The Ledge large cup holder works the same as its name. Besides, it has a shielding felt layer along with the window insert. You can install it on the window edge or even your backseat arms.

Check it out on Amazon: The LEDGE Large Cup Holder

#6. Iokone Leather Cover Car Cup Holder- Best For Extra Storage

You can put your Yeti bottles and your other small stuff in the car, all in a cup holder of Iokone. Not only the huge storage but also its design with leather cover is impressive. It’s easy to use and can keep your Yeti cup and smartphone right at your fingertips.

Check it out on Amazon: Iokone Leather Cover Car Cup Holder

#7. Go Gear EMIC With BLA Euro Mini Console – Best For The Multifunctional

Go Gear EMIC with BLA Euro mini console can store two cups or bottles simultaneously and a small slot for putting other things like phones, pockets, or glasses.

Check it out on Amazon: Go Gear EMIC With BLA Euro Mini Console

#8. Camco Adjustable Drink Holder – Best For Price

This Camco adjustable drink holder can hold most sizes of bottles, including Yeti, and make sure there are no spills or mess in your car. It looks small, simple, and unassuming, but extremely convenient and affordable.

Check it out on Amazon: Camco Adjustable Drink Holder

#9. Bottle Pro Adjustable Cup Holder Adapter – Best For Different Sizes

Despite the small structure of the holder, it is the best product for many bottle sizes. It can hold any drink container, including Yeti bottles and mugs. You can expect that it will perform as professionally as the name implies.

Check it out on Amazon: BottlePro Adjustable Cup Holder Adapter


You may feel very confused and uncertain about which product to buy and whether it is suitable or not. Here are a few frequently asked questions when customers choose to buy a Yeti cup holder.

What Size Of Bottle Fits In The Yeti Cup Holder?

It depends on which cup holder you are buying. But for some special products that can adjust, most bottle and mug sizes can fit them well.

Will The Cup Holder For Yeti Fit My Car?

Not all cup holders for Yeti are compatible with your car. However, you can opt for the products which can adapt to your specific car brand or multiple-car-fit cup holders such as Joytutus or The Ledge.

Which Cup Holders Fit The 36 Oz Yeti Rambler?

The 36 oz Yeti Rambler is quite large for cup holders, but many products match it well. Check out these two products: Joytutus Upgraded Cup Holder and Smart Flask Car Cup Adapter.


Thanks to the adjustability, high quality, great guarantee, and many other special functions, the Swigzy Adjustable Car Cup Adapter deserves the best Yeti cup holder for car.

We hope our information and advice are useful for you to pick a suitable car cup adapter for your Yeti. Th